Some Romanian hitchhikers with long-distance travelling experience will meet at the end of this week for the third edition of Romanian Hitchhiking Gathering (Întâlnirea Autostopiștilor din România – IAdR).

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What does this gathering mean?

Seeing each other in a campsite (we like using a quite accessible localization), knowing each other, talking about hitchhiking, sharing memories from our trips, learning from each other, attending workshops about efficient packing and how to choose a good backpack, talking about other travelling equipment and tools necessary or useful to a hitchhiking traveller, and of course having fun – this is the most important part :D

We pay attention to the location. It should be and interesting place, we like having nice sightseeing opportunities around and we also like to do some activities like swimming or trekking. Romanian Hitchhiking Gathering was born in 2010; in 2010 we met in Ocna Sibiului. During the 2 and a half days of the first edition we swam in the salty waters of the resort („Lacul Fără Fund” of Ocna Sibiului), we walked around and had fun. Last year, the second edition of  IAdR, caught us in Brașov. We rode bikes through the historical center of Brașov and visited „Canionul 7 Scări” (7 stairs/steps gorges), near Brașov.

IAdR became a yearly event and each time it will be in a different location.  Beside all “tiring” activities we also talk about hitchhiking. :)


July 27-29, 2012, from Friday evening until Sunday. Our program is flexible and we recommend you not to stress about it. The aim is to enjoy the company long-distance travellers, to enjoy the beautiful nature landscapes and use salty lakes in our advantage :)


This year we meet in Sovata, at the camping site called Vasskert Kamping (Principala Street 129/A, Tel.: + 40 265 570 902, Mobile from camping: + 40 745 325 030; Approximate coordinates: 46.59106, 25.07259; The location on Google Maps). Vasskert Kamping offers this for these prices.

If you want to download Vasskert Kamping GPS coordinates as waypoints, right click and Save link as for the following files: a) GARMIN files (.gdb) or b) GPS Exchange files (.gpx) and upload them on your GPS device.

In Sovata we can hike on the mountain trails and we have salty swimming sessions in the local lakes. Bring your swimsuit!… you are going to use it. Nearby Sovata there is the Praid Salt Mine (Salina Praid) – if we have enough time and we are in the mood, we can pay them a visit.

Our motivation. What’s new in 2012

Romanian Hitchhiking Gathering offers you the chance to learn from experienced travellers. Beginner hitchhikers can steal tricks from the more experienced ones. In the second place we want to show you that travelling means open mindedness and it does not depend on the budget. You can travel just as much with or without lots of money. This is a choice you make.
We strongly believe that the experiences you get on the roads, the people you meet during your journeys, the journey themselves will offer you a different view of the world and a different vision of your life. The world is large and small at the same time. How would you imagine I could meet Julia, a colleague participant of the engineering competition I attended in Tallinn (Estonia), just by walking in Madrid, by chance? It was on the other side of Europe!

We also want to get to new experiences: Levente and his nice guest will tell us about the past long-term travels in Europe and another interesting guest from Cluj-Napoca will share his hitchhiking stories taking place in Russian Federation, Mongolia and other countries!

The Romanian Hitchhiking Gathering, by tradition, is organized with our good friend TiviDan from Cluj.

To know who’s coming, send us an email on or fill the following form (it takes 1 minute):

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