Romanian Hitchhiking Gathering 2011: Who, What, Where, How? (English version)

Short version (1 minute):

IAdR = Întânirea Autostopiștilor din România = Romanian Hitchhiking Gathering
When? August 19-21, 2011
Where? Brașov, Dârste Camping
Who? Any hitchhiker, anyone who wants to learn how to travel like this, anyone curious enought to see us :)
How? Take your tent, your sleeping bag, sleeping pad and all necessary for 2 and a half days of camping.
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Long Version (5 minutes):

Romanian Hitchhiking Gathering was born last year (2010) and took place at that time in Ocna Sibiului. It became a yearly event and each time it will be in a different location. During the 2 and a half days of the event we swam in the salty waters of the resort, we walked around and had fun. Beside these „tiring” activities, we also talked about hitchhiking. On Sunday we left on different roads, some to Sighișoara (medieval citadel), some to Brașov or București.

Who is welcomed?
Quite everyone can attend this event, but of course, we like to think that Romanian Hitchhiking Gathering will also have hitchhikers and hitchhikers-wanna-be.
Your hosts: Florin – almost 150 000 km by hitchhiking; TiviDan – great traveler, he has walked many roads until now.
If this is not enought, have a look on the list with other media/websites that took our word for granted.
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This year IAdR 2011 is hosted in Brașov. We’re trying to be quite in the center of Romania (won’t promise it will always be like this). We’ll camp at Dârste Camping (harta). We could also chose a cost-free location, but we chosed to have some minimum conditions for our event.

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    To cross Brașov use one of the following buses:

  • Bus nr. 35: From – Brașov Train Station; Destination: Ștrand Noua, then walk for few minutes.
  • Bus nr. 17: From – Livada Poștei (city center); Destination: Ștrand Noua, then walk for few minutes.
  • Bus going from Brașov to Săcele.

What should you bring there?
1. yourself (and some clothes, etc.)
2. house and bed: your tent (maybe you share someone else’s tent, or you’ll try sleeping outside – in that case start praying it will not rain at all :p) / sleeping bag / sleeping pad (or any alternatives);
3. something to eat: tin food, grandparent’s home-made sausages, ham or whatever you like eating during the event;
4. some money (for camping (Tarife button) and for whatever you will like to buy/do)

What will happen over there?
We’ll talk about hitchhiking, we’ll share memories from our trips, we’ll learn from each other and maybe we’ll get to know each other a little. We’ll try to pass our experience to other participants. We’ll debate about the best places to hitchhike from, which roads to go and which to not use. We’ll also see how to prepare a more efficient luggage, what to carry in your backpack and what not to, how to chose a good backpack. Those who want to learn how to hitchhike have the best opportunity to do that during the Romanian Hitchhiking Gathering 2011.

Besides „work”, we’ll also have some fun. Maybe we’ll strech the ropes from Parc Aventura, have a nice walk downtown Brașov, hike the paths to Tâmpa and watch Kronstadt from there.

Schedule (just a guide, not very precise):
Friday after noon, evening: arrival and tent installation
Saturday: discussions, walking around.
Sunday: a first crowd hitch, going somewhere close. What would you say about hitchhiking to Timișul de jos and visiting Seven Stairs Gorges/Canyon (Canionul șapte scări)?

For any other information and suggestions: comment here or send an email (florin @ Only for emergencies call the phone no. +4 0762 765 818 (Florin).

Publicat de Florin Arjocu (fondator)

Periplul meu începea în 2004, an când împreună cu un grup de portughezi vizitam pentru prima dată Cheile Nerei. Am rămas încântat de frumusețea locurilor și de atunci am început să văd altfel România, până atunci nu aș fi crezut că avem locuri precum cele din filme. Îmi place România și călătoresc cât pot de mult. În primii ani de la aderarea UE m-am grăbit să ajung în o mare parte de Europa, iar în 2009 am fondat Drum Liber. Am dedicat ultimii ani în mare măsură României, asortând călătoriile interne cu ieșiri "de studiu" în alte țări. Sunt convins că mintea călătorului este mai deschisă și experiențele la drum te îmbogățesc. Călătorește cu mine, pe Drum Liber!

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